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Updated Domain Strategy Due to Godaddy's Support of SOPA

I’ve been dissatisfied with GoDaddy and their policies for quite some time. With the recent Hubbub regarding their support of SOPA (SOPA for Dummies) I decided it was a great opportunity to migrate away from them. I moved 17 domains I plan on keeping to namecheap, using their promo code SOPASUCKS for $6.99 domains (first 10) and then switch2nc for my 2nd order of domains at $7.99/domain. I also continue to use IWantMyName for my most important 12 domains, which I’d already transferred from GoDaddy months ago. They’re even offering a managed domain transfer service!

To that end, I updated my Domains section in Services I use and why - Domains to reflect this change in Registrars:

Domain Names - Combination of GoDaddy, NameCheap & IWantMyName

GoDaddy is cheap. Godaddy is crap. They hassle you with offers, their customer service is as useful as talking to a wall, and they have a history of losing domains. Not to mention their support of SOPA. I recently moved most of my domains I plan to keep from GoDaddy to Namecheap. When I have a new idea, and GoDaddy is running a loss-leader domain sale (less than $7), I’ll buy at GoDaddy. I’ll continue to take advantage of their $1 domain offers - I keep a list of domain ideas, and buy them for $1 when the offers come up. Key thing: Remember to disable auto renewal - so you don’t get charged $13 the following year.

However if its a domain I plan to keep, or there’s no <$7 promos running at the time, I’ll buy my domains at NameCheap. (and for domains I plan to keep, I’ll transfer them to NameCheap after the 60 day transfer lock). If a project or idea actually takes off, then I’ll buy a bunch of years cheap at the domain’s current registrar, and then transfer it to IWantMyName - They are a small shop, and I trust my domain there - if I had any problem I could actually contact someone, who would have access to systems and can make the magic happen. They’re even offering a managed domain transfer service!

For my GoDaddy to Namecheap migration, I followed a great guide from a fellow TechStars Alumni on transferring from GoDaddy to Namecheap with minimal hassle. Hacker News Commentary.

In the spirit of helping - Anyone who knows me through DogPatchLabs, TechStars, or personally - Please feel free to reach out and I’m happy to help with Domain and DNS questions and guidance if you’re overwhelmed by the process or idea of transferring, don’t know where to start, don’t know who to transfer to, need help with DNS, how to do your transfer without any downtime, or even why you should care.